Lani Haircomb

Lani Haircomb

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The Lani hair comb is a magical hair comb of a crescent moon with a coating of silver. Using a special wave technique, the coating has a special structure that symbolizes the moon surface. A celestial inspired hair comb, handcrafted for feminine women that want to get back in touch with nature.

Finalizing any look with the Lani Hair Comb.
Depending on the hairstyle, make-up, and outfit, the Lani hair comb can finalize a casual or luxury look. The silver colour of these luxury hair clips will fit every fashion conscious woman, no matter the hair colour or hair structure. Wear the hair comb on one side of your hair, tuck it into a loose updo, or combine this headpiece with a long braid. Elegant in bridal hair also with a loose chignon or a graceful braid.

Available options.
These luxury hair clips come in 925 Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver with 14K gold plated. Another option is to decorate the crescent moon with Swarovski crystals.

Hair combs related to these luxury hair clips.
If you like the moon, you will love the Aello head piece, a head band from pure silver, faceted with hematite crystals pattern and a crescent moon.

Order details.
All pieces are made to order, please allow 2 weeks for accessories and 5 weeks for bespoke design to be shipped. For rush orders, please email me at

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