Eina Earring

Eina Earring

from 144.00

The Eina earrings are for admirers of nature. Organic conifer branch forever captured in metal.

A modern amulet to remind you of the beauty of nature and the connection with your roots.

Options for the Eina earrings.
The base is available in Sterling silver or 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver. You can choose between wearing 1 branch earring with a pearl earring or two branch earrings. The pearls come in white or blue.

Similar designer earrings
The Adrea earring is a sea-inspired earring based on the natural shape of pearls. The Kaia earring is a handmade earring with pearls inspired by the movement of seaweeds.

Order details.
All pieces are made to order, please allow 2 week for accessories and 5 weeks for bespoke design to be shipped. For rush orders, please email me at info@naturae-design.com

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