Cea Earring

Cea Earring



The Cea earrings are handsculpted shell earrings inspired by nature. Sterling silver with a freshwater pearl. The pearl captures the light of the silver and gives a captivating colour, like the calmness of the sea with its shifting palettes of colour. To create an effortless style with alluring elegance and get in touch with nature.

How to wear these earrings.
Because of the subtle size, the Cea earrings are easy to match with other wearable art from the Touched By The Sea collection. If you are looking for a small hair accessory, take a look at the Dorea head band, a brass luxury head band with an eternal shell and a freshwater pearl. If you want to become a modern bride, combine these earrings with the Undine head band, a sterling silver hair crown with freshwater pearls in various sizes.

Options for the Cea earrings.
The base is available in Sterling silver. The pearls come in white or blue. Similar designer earrings The Adrea earring is a sea-inspired earring based on the natural shape of pearls. The Kaia earring is a handmade earring with pearls inspired by the movement of seaweeds. All these designer earrings are suitable for casual occasions as well as the modern bride.

Order details.
All pieces are made to order, please allow 2 weeks for accessories and 5 weeks for bespoke design to be shipped. For rush orders, please email me at info@naturae-design.com

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